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Hey guys! I'm back with more stuff to sell. Prices include shipping to the US, overseas please ask. Paypal only. Feedback can be found here. Thanks for looking feel free to ask any questions!

Official Goto Maki Uwasa no Sexy Guy clear poster
Details: Official from the H!P store in 2003. Poster itself is in good condition, and once it's hung the flaws don't really show. There's some sticky on it, it's just from taping it up and I'm sure it'll be fine with some goo-gone or something. Size is 16.5" tall, 12" wide.
Price: $8

Heike Michiyo CD Lot
Details: These are all used and range from rental CD to like-new condition. They all work and there are no major flaws on them. They come with what is shown in the photo. The CDs that are included are as follows:

1st album: Teenage Dream (First press)
2nd album: For Ourself ~Single History~ (Comes with obi)
2nd Single: Sotsugyo ~Top of the World~ (8cm single)
3rd Single: Daikirai (8cm single)
4th Single: Dakedo Aishisugite (8cm single)
7th Single: One Room Natsu no Koi Monogatari (First press, comes with obi)
9th Single: Kekkiyoku Bye Bye Bye (First press, no obi)
10th Single: Propose (Comes with obi)

Price: $40

Minimoni Plush Set
Details: Official plushies, still with tags. They were used for display for a long time. Mari and Aibon are still in great condition with no major flaws. Mika and Nono also still look great, but they have a small orange stain on the back of their heads, I took pics here and here. You can't see it at all from the front though and it may be washable but I haven't tried. Other than that they are in great condition with no tears or things falling off. They are about 7 inches tall.
Price: $25 for the set

Hello! Project Can Badge Set
Details: Used condition. They're all official, but I only remember that I got the Ayaya one at the Hello! Project store in Japan, I forget where I got the other two. The Ayaya one and Natsumi one both look good, but you can see some slight flaws in the light. There's no paint missing or big scratches though. The Maki one is pressed inwards and has a couple light scratches upon very close inspection. It still looks good though and you can only tell it's pressed in when you get it in the light. The Ayaya is 1.25 inches and the other two are 1.5 inches.
Price: $6
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